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Adrian Baker
wilderness canoeing and camping, mountain hiking and forest walking, gardening, on site fieldwork, nature-based art, painting, human-nature connectedness, plant intelligence and interspecies connection, indigenous ecological perspectives, environmental activism, social activism, public dialogue, craftism, collaborative art

MFA, Emily Carr University of Art + Design

Rebecca Bair is an interdisciplinary artist who completed her Masters of Fine Arts at Emily Carr University of Art + Design. Bair uses multimedia approaches and Sun collaborations to illustrate her exploration of identity and intersectionality, through the lens of her own experiences as a Black Woman on Turtle Island. 

“Whether painting or creating installations, my artistic philosophy is to promote a sense of nature connectedness in the public consciousness, with the understanding that this leads to more pro-environmental attitudes. I involve others in the art-making process, encouraging dialogue on how we situate ourselves within the natural world, and our relationship with non-human kin. Canoeing, hiking, walking, and even gardening all are activities that keep me mindful of our mutualist position in the ecosystem.”