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Andrew Noseworthy
music composition, performance, music production, interdisciplinary collaboration, equity-focused initiatives, community building, intersectionality, locality, digital media, online networking

PhD Candidate in Music Composition, Western University

Andrew Noseworthy is a Canadian composer, guitarist and arranger, whose work creates a space for unheard musical voices. His music addresses the accepting/rejecting of 'locality',  drawing from experiences of isolation within his hometown of Labrador West, the tight-knit community of St John's, Newfoundland and expansive scenes in New York City.

Mindfulness or creative activity Andrew employs to think through care :“Engaging in discussion and sharing work with participants who engage with the current isolation situation from different lived experiences other than my own. Learning how my work can empathetically engage with and support others during this time, as a means to hopefully bridge different perspectives into a sustainable, post-local and anti-colonial model.”