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Aneesha Kotti
photography, Classical Indian dance, trekking, board game design, creative writing, script writing

SFI, OCAD University

I am an engineer turned designer with an imagination of a twelve year old, with unlimited possibilities but also rooted to the actual working of things. I believe that knowledge is best imparted through play and have a strong inclination to work with children to imbibe learning from a young age in a fun and engaging manner.

“I have employed creative writing to be more mindful to my immediate surroundings. Selecting a few objects or the emotions within me as prompts, I frame a story of a limited number of words. This allows me to be more mindful as to how things are connected but the limited number of words root me back to the present reality. I employ this method especially now, during the pandemic, to keep me rooted to the work I have on hand as well as to be more aware as to how current circumstances are changing and affecting me.”