Angelina Barrucco
photography, walking, cyanotypes, lumens, self portraits, poetry, collaboration, community, investigations, support, social media, new practice for exhibiting during times of isolation, engaging audiences, collage

Masters Program in Visual Arts,  University of Ottawa

Angelina Barrucco is an Ottawa based photographic visual artist. Her work explores what is left behind and investigates ideas surrounding identity, absence and memory. She has a degree from Carleton University and is currently enrolled at the University of Ottawa for a Masters in Visual Arts.

“I give myself the first hour of my day. When I wake up, I make myself a cup of coffee and sit and listen to full album on my record player without interruption from emails, social media, etc. I let myself fall into with the music. Then I explore the artwork and design of the album cover. This gift of time I give to me allows me to take on the challenges of the day.”

“In this period of hardship that the world is enduring, that will indelibly mark art. Not only will it change its subject matter, but more importantly, it it will change the very structure and possibilities of art. The new art that I will produce to follow, will inevitably contain the echoes and scars of all we are enduring.

Many of us haven't had the time to stop and feel since the beginning of the pandemic. We have been pushing emotions down to triage tasks that have to be completed from switching to remote learning, ensuring we have food to last week while in isolation, checking in on loved ones and protecting our elders and immune compromised.

During this residency I will explore the notion of pausing by taking moments of pauses in my daily tasks and create with respect to the task that I have paused. Gifting myself time and space to care for me and reflect on the current events.”