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Arahmaiani Feisal
art, community & environment

Department of South East Asia, Faculty of Philosophy, Passau University, Germany

My work has grappled with contemporary politics, violence, critique of capital, the female body. The identity as Muslim mediates between Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist, and animist beliefs.  I combined critical attitude toward Islam with a fight against its general stigmatization. And since 2010 I've been working with Tibetan monks in Tibet Plateau dealing with environmental issue.

“Working with various community. Dealing with their real problems and finding alternative & creative solution. Starting with environmental concern. And with the inter-disciplinary approach then the area of concern is widen to social, cultural, political & gender issues as well. As the creativity being explored without limit so the expression also could be varied, like in the form of art work (personal & communal) is of-course encouraged. And then connecting one community to the other to share and exchange the experience & knowledge.”