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Camille Marcoux landscapes, stories, decolonization, Indigenous Knowledge and Methodologies, Chthulucene, degrowth, spinning and weaving, gardening enthusiast, natural dyer, materiality, speculative futures, making kin, Become-with, optimism, multiplicity, anxiety, kindness,gratefulness, isolation, productivity, CARE, CREATIVITY, ground-level, observing, noticing, challenges, impure, trouble, string figure

IAMD, OCAD University

Camille Marcoux is a Montréal-based textile artist. She has been exploring various textile practices such as spinning and weaving, in the form of installations and sculptures. While researching theories on the current geological era, Camille is currently working on a series of objects and sculptural landscapes. She aims to articulate landscapes’ conditions through material practices while integrating reused and found materials. Her work conveys both chaos and harmony to express frustration and optimism regarding our current era. Her goal is to raise awareness of environmental responsibility, social responsibility, and encourage individuals to observe and understand landscapes through multiple lenses.