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Cassandra Gemmell poetry, film, yoga, mindfulness exercises, modern dance, reading groups

CADN, OCAD University

1st CADN Graduate Student from Mississauga, Ontario.  I received by HBA at the University of Toronto and majored in Anthropology and Art History with a minor in Environmental Minor. I also have a background in modern and contemporary dance as well as ballet.  For my thesis research I intend on conducting an interdisciplinary investigation/exploration into the aesthetico-scientific basis in which identities and bodies have been made legible, or rendered technical, by the state for the purpose of surveillance, punishment and social control. I seek to expose the mechanisms which contribute not only to the cultural conceptions of health vs. illness, social deviance and criminality/ ‘monstrosity’ through an investigation into how these identities are and have been visually, linguistically, semiotically and digitally coded.

“Self care is a major part of my life. In the maintenance of my wellness and in cultivating a sense of balance I engage in and have for many years a variety of activities such as meditation, various styles of yoga as well as nature walks/hiking. These activities as well as additional movement based practices such as dance (as a meditative movement practice) has helped since a young age form and think through my connection and relationship to my body and creatively and physically express this relationship. These practices have taught me how this idea of 'care' is something that must be subjectively defined by each individual. 'Care' and 'self care' I've found is not just a behavioural requirement for the 'healthy individual' but is also a philosophy of the self that is embodied by the individual informing one's connection to themselves as corporeal, sentient, spiritual and emotional bodies as well as others.”