Claudia McKnight (She/Her)
Intuitive, Meditative, Nature-based, Sensory, Rooted in “not knowing”, Exploratory, Conversations, Created from presence, Attentive to the overlooked, the unattractive, and/or the liminal

Interdisciplinary Master's in Art, Media and Design, OCAD University.

I am a mature student in my final year of part-time IAMD studies at OCADU. My undergraduate degrees are in art history and German literature (Queen’s University) and education (University of Toronto); I hold a graduate degree in art history (University of Toronto) and a graduate diploma in art therapy (Toronto Art Therapy Institute). I am a registered psychotherapist who specializes in grief and loss, using a positivist, psychodynamic approach.My primary area of interest in the studio has been painting, specifically expressionist landscape. I have been exhibiting my art in public and private galleries since the mid-1980s. Now my intention is to deepen my practice by exploring new ways of perceiving and making, through a decolonizing lens.Over the past two years, my work has expanded to include photography, poetry and installation.I live in the small city of Barrie, 100km north of Toronto. However, the focus of my work and the place of my heart is an inlet of Bone Island in Georgian Bay, about 140 km North of Toronto. I am able to be on site from April to November, mostly on weekends. Once winter sets in, I can no longer access this sanctuary, and rely on visual, written and audial documentation to transport me to my chosen home.A framework for my studies is the concept of biophilia, the enlivenment, the energy, the connection to nature which we need in order to thrive. I believe in the ability of art to alleviate suffering by restoring a sense of hope and wholeness.