David Malcolm Fisher (He/Him)
Error, Deconstruction, Erasure, Abstraction, Figuration, Non-Duality, Consciousness

MFA, Interdisciplinary Master’s In Art, Media & Design, OCAD Unversity.

In the arts creativity includes the unexpected. This is in complete contrast to well-planned and well-executed surgery. As a plastic surgeon at the Hospital for Sick Children my main goals are the restoration of form (normal, symmetry) and function. The medium is precious, and errors are costly. In my sculptural art practice, I take great refuge in the variety of available media, in the serendipity of error, in deconstruction, in erasure, and in the creation of abstract forms.The main concept behind my current art practice is the use of abstraction and figuration as a metaphor for mind and matter. I use this metaphor to evoke consideration of non-duality. The main process involves reduction the figure through sequential subtractions. My methods include 3D Scanning, 3D Modelling using a variety of 3D Software Interfaces, 3D Printing, and Bronze Casting.