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Grace An
reading groups, writing, walking, yoga, sleep, unplugging, games and deep contemplation

IAMD, OCAD University

My name is Grace An and I am a first year, part-time IAMD student who works in animation and filmmaking. As a recovering ‘workaholic’ with experience working in start-ups and offices, I am attempting to include components of rest in my creative process while creating work in flux.

“Confined to our homes, we play video games to seek solace, decorating our virtual homes, and escaping for a moment. In an experiment in achieving without telos, games can transport grief into the fiction of a low-res digital world. In a busy culture, spending the day doing nothing can be dreadful and agonizing. Leisure and contemplation are traditionally reserved for the wealthy but how will aimlessness help see the Idiot, as virtuous?”