Heidi Holmes (She/Her)
Corporeal, Sensory, Transcendental, Installation.


Portfolio: heidiholmes.net

Heidi Holmes’ practice begins with the body, however nobody (no-body) is the location where this practice presently exists. To be clear, this practice stems from symptoms that develop within a body and will then exist outside of a body as material. Currently, these materials are formed by the symptoms and conditions of Menopause. Formerly, these materials were determined by annals of failing and failed fertility.Through site-specific installations that encompass architecture, sculpture, sound and scent, Holmes recreates the conditions of the human body - it’s embarrassments, truths and pain. Referencing domestic architecture and decoration, medicine, aging and feminist theory; these elaborate, though subtle installations reveal themselves to the viewer as a bodily experience. Current material investigations are utilizing cosmeceuticals, health products, hair, water, heat, steam, smoke, body measurements and data and St John’s Wort. And installation outcomes that include reconstruction, architectural inconsistencies, voids, lighting, electricity, heat, scent and the atmosphere.Heidi Holmes was born in Melbourne, Australia where she completed a BFA (Hons) at the Victorian College of the Arts and is currently undertaking an MFA at Emily Carr University of Art & Design in Vancouver, CA. In recent years, Holmes has exhibited in solo and curated group exhibitions internationally and was recently featured in Angela Balzano’s book, 'To do away with the family, From abortion to post-human relationships', published by Meltemi Press.