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Ivana Radman-Livaja Illustration, Photography, Cooking, Walking, Flower-Pressing, Yoga, Breathing Exercises (Ujjayi), Reading

IAMD, OCAD University

Ivana Radman-Livaja practices sustainable book and type design, using natural and found resources to express social and environmental issues during the current Anthropocene epoch. With a background in both industrial and graphic design, Ivana emphasizes economical material exploration throughout her work to effectively communicate ideas while limiting constituent waste.

“I find peace and care in interacting with my two pets, particularly in walking my dog. This time allows us to nurture our relationship while simultaneously giving me leeway for meditation. My daily interaction with nature encourages me to reflect on the significance of care in more than human worlds. The ongoing pandemic is enlightening to how all aspects of life on this planet (flora and fauna) could flourish with less human interference.”