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Jenny McMaster
photography, reading groups, theatre games, dialogues, sharing of projects through photos, sound art, performance, film, drawing, artist talks

MFA Visual Arts,  University of Ottawa

I am currently working in handmade paper and performance. My performance work investigates how we perceive and experience our relationship with our natural and social environment, revealing who and what we perceive to be objects rather than subjects. My sculptures double as costumes, the inanimate become animate and vise-versa. The body of work I have produced at U Ottawa includes has examines the figure/ground relationships of both humans and non human animals. During the residency I am interested in creating sculptures activated or made animate by sound through the use of contact microphones. Through the use of sound the experience of touch may be transformed into an experience which may be (in part) transmitted virtually.

In the past I have been a member of the Enriched Bread Artist Studios and Blink Gallery Artist Run Centre in Ottawa as well as Gallery 1313 in Toronto. I have shown or performed in locations such as the Ottawa Art Gallery, Gallery 101, the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum, Espace Pierre-Debain in the Ottawa Area as well as Gallery 1313, and Engine Gallery in Toronto.  I have a Masters in Art Education from Concordia University. 

“ Boal theatre games which involve picking up objects and handing them intuitively to create choreography for performance.”