Justine Woods
Indigenous feminisms, indigenous resurgence, cultural resurgence, land-based practices, community, beadwork, storytelling

IAMD, OCADUniversity

Justine Woods is a garment artist, designer, educator and researcher based in Tkaronto. She holds a Master of Design from OCAD University and a Bachelor of Design in Fashion Design from Ryerson University. Justine’s research and design practice centres beadwork and garment-making as a practice-based method of inquiry towards re-stitching alternative worlds that prioritize, celebrate and mobilize Indigenous resurgence. Her work prioritizes all of the relationships that make up her identity as an Aabitaawikwe; an identity she has inherited from her family and her Aabitaawizininiwag Ancestors.

“A creative activity I employ to think through care is beadwork. Beadwork is not only an act of cultural resurgence but is an extremely meditative and therapeutic art form that can be done both individually or communally through beading circles. In addition to beadwork, Visiting is another concept I use to think through care. For me personally, this involves disconnecting from western temporalities and re-centring oneself within pure indigenous ways of knowing and being in relation to land, family and kinship as grounding aspects within everyday life.”