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Lydia Wilton
yoga, songwriting, journalling, music, dialogues, mindfulness exercises, creative practice, creative reflection

Music Production, Musicology Department, University of Western Ontario

Lydia Wilton is a music producer, songwriter, and PhD student at UWO. Her research focuses on record production and the creative process, with a soft spot for female voices and creators. Her other interests include audio engineering, popular culture, the embodied science of music, and touring with her rock band.

“I have a regular yoga practice and songwriting process. Yoga keeps me centred and actively practicing mindfulness, as well as physically active. This is important for music production + creation, where your work is dependent on your senses; it’s also good self-care, which I can otherwise struggle with. Songwriting lets me explore and reflect on my emotions, and use them to connect with others: as a raging introvert, it helps me care for my community.”