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Mary McIntyre
metalsmithing, cyanotype printing, woven wire sculpture, walking, reading, dialogue, writing, reading groups, storytelling groups

IAMD, OCAD University

Mary K. McIntyre is a Toronto-based metalsmith, teacher and curator. Her work is held in the collection of the Art Gallery of Guelph; she is represented by galleries in Ottawa, Fredericton and Vancouver. Her IAMD studies focus on object-making as a means to interrogate narrative and the persistence of memory.

“Reading and dialogue with friends and colleagues, telling and hearing one another's stories, allows us to understand each other more deeply, to share ideas and learn from each other. Care for my elderly mother allows me to face the inevitability of mortality, and to meditate on mind and identity (who are we when the elements of 'identity' are eroded by time and frailty). Thinking through making is a foundational methodology for my work, and central to my sense of self as an artist, and my biological and creative kinships.”