Melanie Camman (She/Her)
Story-based, Relational, Pluralversal, Witnessing, Embodied, Community-based, Critical, Simple, Place-based, Enacted.

MDes, Interdisiplenary Design, Emily Carr University of Art and Design


I work as a service designer and design researcher in the social services sector. I am studying how decolonization and pluriversality can impact my design practice with the goal of addressing power inequities in research and data collection. Because of this I have been exploring storytelling as a medium, and fibre/weaving as a method for embedding and telling stories. I believe there is power in shifting the role of designer from problem solver to witnessing and reframing to address systemic inequities. Also, I am a vigorous knitter and snowboarder, you will likely find me outside on a mountain, in the garden or curled up on the red chair, with the cat, knitting and purling while watching netflix.