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Natasha Vasiljevic
photography, running, sculptures, public-space installations, dialogues, socially-involved art creation, community-based art, refugee integration, Photo Voice

IAMD, OCADUniversity

Still-life photographer Natasha V. is known for mixing a minimalist’s eye with a maximalist’s sense of colour. She brings a precise, sculptural approach to her work for a wide-range of advertising clients. Her love of story-telling and conceiving conceptual still life have won her several National Magazine Awards, and her work has been featured in various North American and European publications.

“Implementing creative practices as tools for social engagement and changes, specifically among new immigrant communities. Creating art installations / exhibits that are widely accessible without a need of institutional presentation. Integrating art within nature, especially in urban environments that contain pockets of un-spoiled natural habitats (like Toronto's system of ravines).”