Natasha Vasiljevic
photography, running, sculptures, public-space installations, dialogues, socially-involved art creation, community-based art, refugee integration, Photo Voice

IAMD, OCADUniversity

Still-life photographer Natasha V. is known for mixing a minimalist’s eye with a maximalist’s sense of colour. She brings a precise, sculptural approach to her work for a wide-range of advertising clients. Her love of story-telling and conceiving conceptual still life have won her several National Magazine Awards, and her work has been featured in various North American and European publications.

Instagram: @natashavphoto

“Implementing creative practices as tools for social engagement and changes, specifically among new immigrant communities. Creating art installations / exhibits that are widely accessible without a need of institutional presentation. Integrating art within nature, especially in urban environments that contain pockets of un-spoiled natural habitats (like Toronto's system of ravines).”