June 1 : Welcome Contingencies of Care Residency

First day of residency, meeting with organizing and research assistant teams and participating residents.

June 2: Collaborations

Ayumi Goto in the first of several 'tributaries' performances as part of the Contingencies of Care virtual residency, playing with and presenting to Jevi Peters, one of the residents and RAs who developed the program.

June 5: Land Love Zoom

Tania Willard and Peter Morin took us on guided tours of the land they love in their respective places on Turtle island. This slow guided nature tour was facilitated by Tania and Peter and gave residents some much needed green scenery while also sharing in the stories of the land they live on

June 5:  Tributaries (III part)

Ayumi Goto works with Yutong Zheng on a calligraphy performance at the Beaches, Toronto lakeshore. Second event in the Tributaries series of 1x1 interactions with Contingency of Care resident artists

June 9: Writing in Dangerous Times: Call & Response
Presented by Carianne Leung

Carrianne Leung is a fiction writer and educator. She holds a Ph.D. in Sociology and Equity Studies from OISE/University of Toronto. Her debut novel, The Wondrous Woo (Inanna Publications) was shortlisted for the 2014 Toronto Book Awards. Her collection of linked stories, That Time I Loved You, will be released in 2018 by Harper Collins Canada.

June 10 : Repeat the Chorus Three Times.
Presented by: Luke Parnell

Luke Parnell is Wilp Laxgiik Nisga’a (House of Eagles) from Gingolx on his mother’s side and Haida from Massett on his father’s side. His artistic training is both traditional and classical - he apprenticed with a Master Northwest Coast Indigenous carver and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from OCAD University and a Masters of Applied Arts from Emily Carr University of Art and Design. Though he predominantly uses wood, his materiality is determined on a project by project basis. His work explores transformative narratives.

June 10: Wild Pollinators and the Gardens of Mike MacDonald.
Presented by: Sheila Colla, Dana Prieto, Lisa Myers

Sheila Colla, Dana Prieto and Lisa Myers in conversation as they talk on wild pollinators, gardens and Mike MacDonald's butterfly and medicine gardens. Connecting the ecology of our environments to the land we live on and how best to care for it and each other.

June 10: Cancer Journal’s Revised Screening and Q&A with Lana Lin