Rebecca Casalino
queer space-making, queer knowledge-making, queer resistance, queer health, digital zine sharing/making, clubbing, raving, sober raving, queer performers, drag kings

Criticism & Curatorial Practice, OCAD University

Rebecca Casalino is a Tkaronto based artist and curator. She is a queer Italian-Canadian settler, maintaining her practice through deeply personal collaborations in her community and sheer will power. She is currently an MFA studying Criticism and Curatorial Practice at OCADU.

“Getting into drag is an act of self-care I have been indulging in. Participating in these online parties as a baby drag king has been the most validating and embarrassing experience of my life. Putting on my makeup and getting a chiselled confident face starring back at me has provided a sense of control. Seeing other drag performers through my screen makes me feel less alone.”