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drawing, painting, patterns, design, colour theory, writing, reading, memoir, yoga, meditation, chanting, Sufism, self-development, firewalking (walking on hot coals), seminars, [coaching industry], volunteering, philanthropy, helping children

IAMD, OCADUniversity

Born in London, England. Grew up in SG & HongKong. Moved to Karachi age 6-20. Moved back to Singapore in 2000 to study Graphic Design. Settled in Toronto 2004. B.Des in illustration fm OCAD. Married>Divorced. Tony Robbins Crew member: 4 time Firewalker. Third Culture Kid. Bilingual: Urdu/English.

“Developing a program / project for children / young-adults to navigate strong emotions of trauma, through daily journalling, reading inspirational content, painting. Creating a self-help / mindfulness journal and / or, making my own art / self-care journal of writing / painting /meditation, as a way to articulate my own self-isolation experience. Compiling these works to share as an interactive experience for others on the same journey. (Referencing ‘Spilling Open’ by Canadian artist, Sabrina Ward Harrison).”