Susan Wright
writing, movement & exercise, coaching conversations, facilitation, collaboration, mindfulness, exercise, gardening, pilates, indigenous art & healing

SFI, OCAD University

An experienced professional in the field of personal, professional and organizational development. Currently, a part-time graduate student in OCAD University’s SFI program. I have a passion for human potential and health, with a vocation to facilitate conscious leadership and positive change. Mother of a teenager, tween, and baby; living in Toronto, Canada.  

“Mindful breathing, movement and exercise to attune to my body and experience. I experience leisure outside gardening, the physical work and focus enables me to truly shut-off my busy mind. Writing is a way to bring many of my experiences and thoughts into some coherent order, message or imagery, both reflective & offer a question or simply share something that I hope will resonate with others - I have not been able to write in the past few years. Care for others, I think about how I observe and notice the things that matter, like how dignity is expressed and demonstrated, often through simple acts. I also consider how we cultivate a caring mindset and experience, through vulnerability and the art of facilitation or teaching. I also consider arts and movement as a way for people to move through emotions and form greater insight or clarity. Care in the context of institutions, I consider listening as vital and leadership that is humble and personable. “