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Toby Lawrence art, dreaming, learning, astronomy, intersectional dialogues, hiking, gardening, birdwatching, ethical harvesting for jam making and natural dyes, sewing
Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies PhD, Department of Creative Studies, UBColumbia Okanagan

Toby Lawrence is a settler-Canadian curator focused on collaborative, decolonial and intersectional feminist methodologies. She is currently working in collaboration with Open Space exploring the role of curatorial hospitality, and in collaboration with Michelle Jacques at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria to develop and facilitate the Moss Projects Curatorial Learning and Research program.

“Within my curatorial practice I employ deep listening and consensus building processes in/and collaboration as acts of care. I have been exploring the variabilities of hospitality within curation and art practice, such as expectations, power, boundaries, protocols and care, to better understand how we are and work in relation.”