Vicky Talwar
painting, mindfulness, walking, drawing, sculpture, listening to music, visiting art galleries/museums, travelling

IAMD, OCAD University

Vicky Talwar is a Canadian-born Visual Fine Artist. With a lifelong passion for painting with Mixed Media. Her work engages with themes, including cultural disruption, movement, and memory.
Vicky holds a degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Ontario College of Art and Design and a Bachelor of Education from York University. Vicky is currently pursuing an MFA in the Interdisciplinary Master's in Art, Media & Design program at OCAD University. She lives in Stouffville with her husband and daughter and is an elementary Visual Arts Teacher in the York Region District School Board.

“I paint daily, as I believe art has the power to heal. Creating art encourages me to express my personal and cultural identity. I have found that the act of creating and expressing provided me with a way to heal from the cognitive dissonance and the cultural disruption I experienced. The intention of this practice gives me a way to look deeper than the surface to see how we are all have layered and complex identities.

I often go on nature walks as it allows me to connect with the world around us and feel grounded. I often go for walks where I am near a body of water. I am intrigued by the element water as it serves as a reminder of constant change, resiliency, and its healing properties. Nature inspires me to create and calms my mind from my daily routine.”