Vicky Talwar (She/Her)
Cultural Disruption, Painting, Installation, Sculpture, Hybrid cultural identity and Tibetan Buddhist mandala, Movement, Memory, Temporality.

Interdisciplinary Master’s In Art, Media & Design, OCAD Unversity.

My name is Vicky Talwar, and I am currently pursuing an MFA in the Interdisciplinary Master's in Art, Media & Design program at OCAD University. I am also an elementary Visual Arts Teacher in the York Region District School Board. Painting with acrylics and mixed media on canvas has been the focus of my work. However, over the course of my graduate studies, performance, sculpture, and installation have begun to intrigue me in my studio practices. My interdisciplinary approach is an expression of my relationship with the universe and with myself. I engage in a raw state with themes of identity, temporality, cultural disruption, movement, and memory through art. I navigate my feelings of in-betweenness that I have experienced throughout my life as both a Hindu and Canadian. This research examines new ways of creating and material exploration and looks into how culturally diverse artists, particularly those with a cultural hybrid identity, have expressed cognitive dissonance due to cultural disruption. I am interested in the psychology of mandalas, as defined by Jung, and the Buddhist concept of the mandala. I have been investigating how Buddhist ideas of impermanence inform how I think about and make my artworks. In response to the climate crisis, being mindful of my actions towards the environment is what I practice daily.