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Yaz Lancaster
music composition & performance, poetry, journaling, film photography, baking, chess/games

Violin Performance, New York University

Yaz Lancaster (they/them/theirs) is a performer-composer & poet primarily interested in the performance of new/contemporary & underperformed works, collaboration and the representation of minorities in art. Always looking to expand their artistic practice, they perform in a wide variety of settings & attempt something new in every compositional project. Their work has been described as "concentrated" & "empirical," and has granted them the opportunity to present in places all over the US, as well as Canada, Czechia, Italy and Trinidad & Tobago. They hold degrees in violin performance & poetry from New York University, and will be pursuing an Advanced Certificate in Violin Performance at the University of Toronto.

“As an artist who works in many disciplines and mediums, one thing I find as a commonality throughout my creative process is journaling. I always keep a journal with me that is filled with a mish-mosh of things: from "field recordings" of collected words and phrases I hear, see or think of during the day; clippings and photos; drawings; drafts of poetry and song lyrics; notes from lectures & museum plaques; and more often, sketches, outlines and plans for in-progress music compositions. I am a visual person who likes to think through concepts and ideas using paper in a coalescence of writing and visualizing (drawing, etc.) in order to have different ways of seeing them, and in order to make them physical objects.”